Thursday, February 28, 2013

WOW! I know that I have been a really bad blogger the last couple of weeks, but I really do have some good excuses! Who likes to hear those, but I am gonna say it anyway. 

First of all, a friend of mine at school ordered 50 cake pops! Now I love baking and cupcakes are my passion. But 50 cake pops! Those things are a bakers worst nightmare! It was fun and I was glad to help her out, but it was so time consuming. Here are a couple of pictures of the cake pops.

Along with the cake pops, I was fortunate enough to travel to Louisiana to the Leader in Me Synposium. I love this "program" and think it is a wonderful thing for teachers, students, families, and anyone else that wants to lead a more effective life. Our school has been in the program for two years now, and I really needed to inspiration to get me back on track. 

And now, since it was my birthday and I didn't get to post anything about it, I want to share one of the things we did in my classroom for Valentines day. I really believe that poems go naturally with the holiday, so my class focused on writing poems. I was really trying to get them to focus on rhyming words and creating stanzas. It was a challenge for some, but others caught on fast. Here are a couple of pictures from our displays.

 Each student wrote a poem on the back page, then colored the front page  and cut out almost all the way around the heart. They then glued the two pages together and ta-da!

A picture of the display outside my classroom.

So hopefully now that March is here and things will be slowing down I can be a better blogger. Look for some really cool products to hit my Teachers Pay Teachers store soon. 

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